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The Future of Disinfection is Laser

Produced with precision, ultraviolet-C is a safe and effective technology within the right application.

PurpleSun is transforming healthcare.

PMUV Laser Delivery! 

Sterilase full exposure of target areas with laser provides no contact to ensure complete disinfection and no pathogen resistance

Patient Safety

Sterillase promotes patient safety through the highest quality in environmental and PMUV treatment for the purpose of disinfection.

Quality with Savings

Sterillase offers the opportunity for improved quality, and savings in time and materials.

Deeper Knowledge

Sterillase industry knowledge lends deeper appreciation for healthcare's micro challenges.

Featured Speakers

Sterillase is a privately owned commercial healthcare technology company based out of New York. We are focused on providing laser based technology solutions to the healthcare industry for infection prevention.

Our company’s novel laser technology platform will be utilized throughout the continuum of care, within hospitals, long term care and surgical centers. The Sterillase will set the stage for patient safety through the highest of quality in disinfection.

Creative Director, Leap

in 20

patients will contract a

hospital-acquired infection (HAI).

Healthcare needs a solution.


each infection

~$7 million

annual expenses per hospital

~$45 billion

healthcare problem

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Limitations of today's tools

  • Everything is done by hand

  • Thousands of surfaces to cover

  • No room for human error


Patient perception

  • New laws (section 2819) require public reports on performance 

  • Patient has a choice in facilities


Clinical burden

  • Increased pathogen resistance to antibiotics and cleaning agents

  • Surfaces remain contaminated for months at a time

Financial burden

  • HAIs add 8-19 days length of stay

  • Medicare reimbursement is withheld from hospitals with the highest HAIs 

Tackling Sterilization cleaning head-on

Disinfection of the surgical patient in a hospital and medical environment is critical in the prevention of cross contamination and HAIs.​ While necessary, the limitations of traditional sterilization are well documented and, alone, it is not the most effective method to improve sterilization hygiene in your hospital. Disinfection to any surgical patients with the Sterillase technology is shown in multiple published outcome studies to achieve unprecedented HAI rate reductions and is becoming the  standard of care in hundreds of U.S. hospitals. Let us show you why Sterillase is the solution for disinfection hygiene.​​

Our goal is to prevent healthcare acquired infections, which will ultimately save lives, reduce costs and enhance safety for patients and caregivers. Our clinical data proves best in class efficacy and performance of our platform, and positions Sterillase to illuminate the healthcare arena.

Disinfection in your environment

The infection prevention battle is fought on many fronts throughout healthcare facilities. Infection Preventionists, OR Directors, Environmental Services Directors and their teams all work together to help ensure the safest environment possible for their patients. Yet HAIs persist despite everyone’s best efforts.

As an Infection Preventionist, you are a guardian of patient safety, the strategist at the helm who helps safeguard the hospital against deadly pathogens and enacts control measures accordingly. You also initiate quality improvement activities in your healthcare facility.

The rising impact of HAIs on bottom line and reputation

Each HAI costs a facility approximately $25,000 in re-treatment, fines and other associated costs [1]. And that doesn’t take into the account the toll HAIs can have on a hospital’s reputation and future prospects. CFOs and CQOs are all too familiar with the HAI burden.

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